Growing an Ecommerce Fashion Store

WebsiteDezk designed a user-friendly Ecommerce website that made it easier for customers to explore the fashion products, which eventually boosted the sales.

  • 76%
    Increase in Time Spent on the Website
  • 45%
    Boost in Conversions
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“This creative upgrade resulted impressively and lifted our brand on the internet.”

Linda Weaver - Loyale Fashion

Loyale Fashion

Loyale Fashion is known for its trendy outfits and accessories for women. From formals to casuals and minimalistic to bold, Loyale Fashion caters to all kinds of stylish clothing, jewelry, and more. Along with a physical outlet now Loyale is expanding its footprints in the ecommerce business as well.

The Challenge

Loyale Fashion wanted to offer a convenient online shopping experience where visitors can easily explore all the fashion products and pick their favorite ones comfortably. In addition, they wanted to create a strong online presence so that consumers can easily find one of the most stylish and outgoing brands on social media and search engines.

The Strategy

We incorporated all the essential ecommerce elements on the website, from dedicated categories to better product descriptions, optimized images, and easy-to-use website structure. Following the ecommerce-focused design, we tailored the content according to different categories and products and fulfilled all the SEO requirements for better search engine performance.

Business Impact

Using customer-centric as well as search engine-centric practices, we successfully attracted 140% more organic customers. The website not easily accessed the website, but also spent around 76% more time on the website. Customers are now able to quickly find the fashion brand on the internet that creates a significant improvement in overall performance.

Hike in Organic Traffic

After creating an attractive online fashion outlet, it pulled 140% more traffic within 2 months of its launch.

Decrease in Bounce Rate

Improved site structure resulted in enormously lower bounce rate.

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