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We created an extraordinary website for one of our clients, who is a lawyer by profession, which is now generating a higher number of leads every month.

  • 54%
    Increase in inquiries from genuinely interested visitors
  • 71%
    Boost in organic visitors
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“The moment I got my website updated from WebsiteDezk, since then, I am getting more relevant traffic and queries. Good Job!”

Kenneth Stanley - Stanley Injury Law

Stanley Injury Law

Mr. Stanley specializes in injury law and practices in Houston, Texas. He provides personalized judicial support. Stanly Injury Law makes it easier for affectees to legally claim and get compensated for the damage caused by any unwanted incident.

The Challenge

We had to build a website that would contain all the legal information and comprehensively explain the key aspects of injury law so that customers could understand the legal technicality. For that, we are required to revamp the website’s content and readability. Moreover, we have built an SEO strategy that would generate relevant traffic.

The Strategy

We created an effective content strategy that complements the highly responsive design and delivers the right information to users with proper readability. Following the engaging design and content, we incorporated SEO tactics to improve the website’s SERP performance.

Business Impact

After implementing all the needed changes, the website’s performance hiked sharply with a 77% increase in genuine traffic. In addition to that, 7 out of 12 targeted primary keywords appeared on the first page of Google SERPs. Since the launch of the new website, the bounce rate has been under 35%, which shows that we are specifically reaching interested people. This also increases the online leads from a website by around 65%.

Decrease in Irrelevant Inquiries

Irrelevant queries waste a lot of effort and time, but the recent update has cut that and got genuine leads.

Better Lead Generation

We helped Stanley Injury Lay acquire a significant number of leads by improving the website’s SEO and designs.

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