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WebsiteDezk optimized Clarity DPF Cleaning’s website to enhance user experience, helping them increase website traffic, reduce bounce rate, and improve visitor engagement.

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    Boost in Web Traffic
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Our website loading time has tremendously improved, making users stay longer than before. WebsiteDezk surely did wonders for our website.

David O'Brien – Clarity DPF Cleaning LLC

Clarity DPF Cleaning LLC

Clarity DPF Cleaning LLC has been offering professional cleaning services for 25+ years, based on OEM standards. Their company has a strong competitive edge, providing customers with free pickup and delivery for filter maintenance. From residential to commercial facilities, Clarity DPF Cleaning LLC has a reputation of providing top-notch services in the industry

The Challenge

Website loading time plays a crucial role in impacting user experience. Our client witnessed a bounce rate of 78% due to bad redirects, broken links, and slow loading speed. The webpages and images took more than five seconds to load, driving customers away from the site. The challenge was to create a website that offered a user-friendly experience while building credibility.

The Strategy

Our strategy was to optimize the back-end of the client's website to improve loading speed. We compressed and optimized site images by changing formats and reducing file sizes. Our client's website was filled with unnecessary redirects – we identified and eliminated broken links. To create web pages that load faster, we minified CSS, JavaScript, and HTML codes by removing redundant spaces, characters, comments, and other elements.

Business Impact

The website’s organic traffic went up by 69% within two months. The website’s loading time decreased to 0.5 seconds, offering an exceptional user experience. Thanks to the web hosting solution optimized for speed that reduced the bounce rate by 68%, improving SEO rankings. Clarity DPF Cleaning LLC experienced a massive increase in sales, appearing on top in SERPs and creating reliability among customers.

Decrease in Customer Bounce Rate

The website witnessed a massive decrease in customer bounce rate as customers spent more time on the site.

Boost in Sales

The company's sales increased enormously within two months due to a better user experience, ranking on search engine result pages.

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